My name is Miles Bridgett, I was born and raised in Harlem and went to a catholic middle school. As a baby I was around music a lot because of my father and his love for music. I always used to listen to 50 cent as a 2 year old , I loved the songs. I started rapping officially when I was 15 but when I was in middle school I always used to freestyle over someone banging a beat on the table, music had been around me forever. When I officially started making songs is when I completely saw my potential in the music world and I started to take things more seriously. As me and my friend started to work on more music in the studio I started to write lyrics all the time and I found myself growing and learning as a lyricist which helped me grow in mapping out songs and just my overall craft. When me and my friend started dropping music together people loved our song and supported us so much, the feeling of making music that people like and want to listen to is amazing and after this I started going to the studio as often as possible. When I learned about the internship in City-As called MAD Academy I was drawn to it almost instantly and knew I wanted a internship that helps my craft and seized the opportunity to be a part of something great. So far my experience in MAD has been great and I will continue to build myself as an artist through studio time and learning workshops.


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